The “Do Inspiring Sh*t Podcast”

The “Do Inspiring Sh*t Podcast” is one step closer to going live. We hosted our first guest last night, retired Pro Bowl NFL player and Super Bowl Champ Brendon Ayanbadejo (just wait until you hear how bad one of us butcher his name). Brendon is also owner/trainer/coach of many California Orangetheory Fitness studios. Pumped he accepted our invite and really excited for you to hear his story.

With this podcast, our mission is to inspire you to chase your biggest dreams and goals in every area of your life (professionally, athletically, romantically, financially, etc.) and this ground floor episode hits many of the marks we dreamed of sharing with you, our friends, our families and our extended networks.

We look forward to engaging you via FB, Twitter, Instagram and soon via our website (, website not live yet) and iTunes. Follow us if you’re interested in the podcast, and please help us spread the word!

Jimmy Dean & Whitney

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